Plano Pago is an online payment solution focused on the medical field developed by professionals knowledgeable in the requirements of medical events and societies.
It was designed to streamline payment processes and bring more benefits in management, operation control and particularly in security.
Basically, it is a credit/debit card payment intermediation service, easily integrated with the database used, without having to leave the secure environment of your event website. It is very fast, practical and secure, thus making sure conference attendees will be able to pay their registration fee online without having to issue payment slips or making bank deposits.


The service will operate integrated with your website, without having to be redirected to external websites or services and without the need to make new registrations.


Payment is integrated with the registration system or membership register. Once payment is accepted, the attendee payment status will be updated in a matter of seconds in an automatic revenue reconciliation process, thus eliminating reports and providing information security.


The service has Security Certificate and ensures the integrity and confidentiality of all data. Card data, the only information required to make the payment, are not stored, protecting the attendee privacy.


Plano Pago works in partnership with Cielo, the largest credit and debit card operator in Brazil, thus guaranteeing the best rates in the market.


The system is fast and practical, thus guaranteeing more registrations. The administrator of the society that contracts Plano Pago is given a username and password and can follow the information panel, generate reports of payments, receipts, future revenues and also request the withdrawal of available amounts.


Plano Pago uses multiple credit card networks:
Visa, Mastercard, Elo, American Express, Diners,


In addition to the entire pre-event payment solution through its website, Plano Pago also offers onsite payment solutions:

The registration system can be integrated with payment in self-service terminals, making transactions quickly and thus reducing queues and ensuring attendee satisfaction.

At the conference site, all attendees have to do is go to a terminal, locate their registration with two clicks and enter their card information. As soon as payment is approved, they will be able to print their badge and pick-up their conference material. The receipt will be immediately sent to the registered email address. In addition to the standard program, you can customize with the information and formats required by the customer. The time to program the system and integrate it with the payment base is very important.

Plano Pago is so uncomplicated that it will be operating in a matter of hours!